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15th March 2022 15th May 2022

A Post Lockdown Collection of Paintings by Frances Winder

“I found that lockdown and the isolation and stress caused by Covid created a big problem with my art work. It paralysed me. I found myself unable to pick up a brush, only able to sketch very locally. I was cut off from my inspiration which was usually to sketch, explore and experience everything in a wide range of environments, enjoying feeling free and alive to the world. I have a lovely garden and space to be in, so I was very lucky, but I felt trapped and too depressed to paint.
This stop to my work has made me rethink what is important. I have wanted to experiment and find more meaning in my painting and other art projects.
When I am painting, I explore colour and texture, moved by mood and atmosphere. I love walking and the Lakes area and this features in much of my work. Sea and shore, the wide skies and fells, as well as the weather are modifying aspects that I love. I do prefer a good storm to paint. Recently I have been more constrained and I am exploring the rich diversity of meadow lands and woodland.”

Frances has exhibited in the Royal Academy, the Royal Watercolour Society at Bankside gallery, the Lakes Artists, as well as many times in the Cumbrian open at Up Front gallery.