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Hand Shadow Artist – Drew Colby

28th October 2022 @ 8:00 pm 9:00 pm

Suitable for Adult & 12 years+

What is this magic of light and dark that so transfixes young and old? It is the ancient art of Hand Shadows (or Shadowgraphy) – the art of creating and animating shadow images using little more than the performer’s hands. In Drew Colby’s hands the artform is a source of comedy, beauty and wonder.

Expect rabbits doing what rabbits do, famous extra-terrestrials from the silver screen and many more endearing and astonishing characters all made with just a light, two hands and a screen, before a show-stopping shadow duet rounds off this virtuoso performance.

Stand-up comedy meets cabaret meets visual shadow feast! Expect a gallery of notorious politicians and tributes to well—loved films…
Colby leads the audience on a hilarious and highly
skilled journey from the age of the caveman to the present day, via the magic of the
silver screen, TV cartoons and (in)famous politicians. Many of the classic, traditional
hand shadow routines are included in the show, as well as exciting shadow techniques
(multiple shadows and coloured shadows).
The show contains elements of stand-up comedy, gentle political satire and a long list of
shadows that can be made with two hands. No shadow stone has been left unturned.

Based in London, Drew is founder of the Finger and Thumb Theatre, specialising in hand shadow puppets and ‘instant puppetry’. The new company name is “Shadowgraphy”, which covers the diversity of Drew’s work, including television and advertising. http://hadowgraphy.co.uk/431685847

All Tickets £10. Choose your seats and book online: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/upfrontartslimited/t-gaanrvl

Pre-performance supper can be booked 6pm – 8pm. Telephone 01768484538

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