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The Real Story of Christmas as Revealed in –

“THE SCROOGE DIARIES” – Peter Macqueen

17th December 2021 @ 6:00 pm 10:00 pm

‘Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that.’

“Oh no he wasn’t! Bah! Dead? Humbug, Mr. Dickens! Dead? As sure as the  moths in my wardrobe have be-shredded my best nightcap, Marley was not dead but rather sitting on some sun-soaked beach squandering all the hard-earned money that he had so fraudulently embezzled from my firm over the years! Dead? Bah!

You know nothing Mr.Dickens! YOU are a fraud sir – an embezzler of the truth! A fake news-smith! A charlatan…….Charlatan Dickens! Bah!

In this revelatory exclusive, Ebenezer Scrooge opens his Diary to expose the awful truth about Tiny Tim, the Fezziwigs, Jacob Marley… and that disgustingly jolly, gluttonous, consumer- driven Ghost of Christmas Present… as he reveals the real story behind a Christmas Carol and the vengeful, slanderous, upstart author of that novel.

This is a funny, lively diversion from all the madness that surrounds this time of year – if only for an evening.
The small set is an architectural masterpiece of woodwork by designer Martin Johns.
Macqueen becomes the person, rather than acts the part, so Scrooge is a twitching, fidgeting, grumbling, but still likeable old codger.
Macqueen analyses and deconstructs the works of Dickens to prove the author is not as great as everyone thinks he is and cleverly works in modern day issues. There isn’t a hint of Christmas about the set or the character – but thanks to a bit of outside help, Scrooge ends up full of the Christmas spirit – and so do we
Mark Green Cumberland News

Join us for a special pre-Christmas event. This will be the Peter Macqueen’s 4th visit to Upfront. We will begin the evening with a three course Christmas Supper from 6pm and “The Scrooge Diaries” will take place in the theatre at 8pm. The supper menu will be on the website very soon.
Joint Supper & Theatre Ticket £37.50. Supper from 6pm
Theatre Ticket Only £12.50. Performance begins at 8pm
Choose your ticket and seats & Book Online.
Please note that Ticket Source will refund tickets (minus booking fee) for cancellations due to Covid/Winter illness. We have also set the booking system so that there is an empty seat at the end of each booking, for social distancing.