Friday 8th May at 8pm – CANCELLED and will be re-booked for later in the year.

Guitarist Stuart McCallum and singer/flautist Ríoghnach Connolly.

Rioghnach – Armagh born and Manchester based is a folk singer who can be loud, brash and mischievous and Stuart is an acclaimed jazgguitarist, member of Cinematic Orchestra and a softly spoken Manchester urbanite. Their unlikely connection was immediate and they formed The Breath to present their contemporary take on alternative folk music.

Connolly writes the only way she knows how; a stream of poetic consciousness giving rise to honest, personal, heartfelt songs as likely to touch on childhood summers and first love as cultural dislocation, post-colonial injustices and grief. It is her deeply soulful, utterly engaging, stop-you-in-your-tracks voice – whether delicate and hushed or powerful and gutsy – coupled with Stuart’s understated brilliance and their exquisitely crafted songs, that give The Breath such emotional depth.

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