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"The Professor of Adventure"

Saturday 22nd October at 8pm

Adults 12 Students 10

Loneliness isn't about being alone, it's about not having the choice and that is at the heart of Peter Macqueen's one-man play about the life of Millican Dalton, the Borrowdale hermit. Based on the real life caveman of the Lake District, The Professor of Adventure takes you not only into the cave he calls his home, above Keswick at the start of World War Two, it takes you into the mind of an educated man ahead of his time".

He smelt like a mountain goat, chain-smoked Woodbines and lived in a cave. Millican Dalton was a mountain guide, philosopher and self-proclaimed inventor of shorts.

Leaving his stifling city job, Millican dropped out before it became fashionable and set out to seek romance and freedom living amongst nature in cabins, tents and caves for the next fifty years of his life.

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