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Upfront Gallery Events

Fundraising Concert by "PaNiKaTaK"

The band have very kindly offered to perform a free concert to help the Upfront Arts charity raise funds for photo-voltaic panels on the roof of the theatre building. These will provide free electricity for the building as well as generating a feed-in tariff which will help towards the running costs of the theatre.

The band's six members have played together for 24 years and usually perform concerts for organisations who are trying to fundraise for a charity or good cause.

Between them they play whistles, guitars, bodhran, irish bouzouki, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin & melodion, plus vocals.

Expect a relaxed, fun, musical evening. The band are having the concert recorded 'live' for their next CD. Your clapping, screaming and cheering will be recorded for ever.

Tickets 7.50.

If you are a tax payer and wish to pay by gift aid donation fpr your evening of entertainment you can fill in a gift aid form on the night. This enables Upfront Arts to claim an additional 25% from the Inland Revenue. Drinks at the bar will also be by donation.

Tel.017684 84538 or email info@up-front.com to book your seats in the theatre and then pay on the night (no on-line booking available for this event).

Concert starts at 8pm.

Optional Pre- Concert Supper can be booked from 6pm.