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Upfront Gallery Events

Extra Love (10 Piece Reggae Band) plus support act.

The band features two charismatic front men; Jamaican Kuntri Ranks aka Lion King and Greek Angelos Gavrillidis backed by formidable rhythm section and three powerful horns players. Extra Love are vibes, vibes and more vibes. They never fail to impress on levels on energy and stage presence. With a massive live following and tunes to back this up they get any dance skanking big time" Kev - Dub Smugglers

We also have local support from

JAMbEATER, Soul Upsetter & Little Rocket

Doors Open at 7:30pm

Music starts 8pm

Adv Tix - 10

O.T.D. 12

To book please contact


Phone - 01768484538

Email - info@up-front.com

Or book online:

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Extra Love