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This funked up folk band's sweet melodies and raucous reels blend trad and self penned fiddle tunes with bass and percussion creating a sound that’s modern yet familiar. www.stooshiefolk.co.uk

Stooshie’s mix of guitars, fiddles, whistle, bass and percussion move you from the warm and melancholic – reflecting their love of the Cumbrian sea and the hills – to a jigging frenzy that’ll make you want to dance all night…

Stooshie is made up of Rachel Swift (fiddle), Pete Leeson (fiddle and guitar), Simon O’Hare (guitar and bass) and Dave Muir (percussion and low whistle). The group describe their music as rooted in folk but with a modern twist.

Dave, Peter and Simon all work in conservation in Cumbria, so recurring themes of nature and their love of the Cumbrian fells abound. This concert is to celebrate the newly restored footpath between Skelton and Unthank.

Pre Concert supper available from 6pm (advance booking only).

If you would like a joint ticket (£16) to see the puppet show, "The Man Who Planted Trees" at 2pm and the "Stooshie" concert at 8pm, please contact us. Puppet show information is under " puppet show future events" on the website.