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"Spirit of the Rainforest" - Baka Women's Singing Workshop

Baka Beyond band member Su Hart has now been initiated into the Baka women’s spiritual singing and the Baka have now asked her to teach and share their polyphonic singing outside the forest.

She uses her musical experiences in her performances with the band and also imparts this through her unique and captivating workshops. She has worked extensively with schools, choirs, teaching teachers, special needs, language schools, and team building (including confirmed non singers!) both in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Her style is lively, confidence building, group bonding and above all, uplifting and fun.

The Workshop will cover

• An understanding of listening as a unifying musical bond.

• Forest vocal technique, breath control, voice placement and vocal release work.

• Vocal and hand clapped rhythm work and the patterns of Baka melodies, chants and calls.

• Songs from baby soothing to spiritual.

• Multi part singing, densely textured songs with overlapping polyrhythmic, interdependent parts.

• Co-operative musical games and movement.

• ‘Yelli’ singing, animal enchantment and more!

There can also be a DVD presentation of short forest films, discussion, stories, composition and improvisation.

Please telephone 017684 84538 to book tickets and pay by card.