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Baka Beyond - "After the Tempest Tour"

Pre gig supper available in the restaurant from 6pm (advance booking only).

It is 21 years since Baka Beyond’s debut CD “Spirit of the Forest” was released, helping to define the genre “World Music”. They have been constantly touring and releasing new albums since then.

Their work with the Baka Forest People, who originally inspired their sound, has meant that key players, Martin Cradick and Su Hart have taken several months off each year to work with the Baka in Cameroon, repaying the debt of their music. They set up the charity Global Music Exchange to facilitate this.

Recently Baka Beyond have had something of a renaissance. The injection of some young blood in the form of Clyde Kramer on drums (who has spent several months himself playing music with the Baka in the forests of Cameroon) and Ellie Jamison on vocals (who at the age of 18 toured with Baka Beyond and is on their album “East to West”) has invigorated their sound.

Baka Beyond’s tour last November around Britain was very well received. Once it was over they went straight to Penpont Estate in Wales to provide live music for a version of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, a first for them. 2 tracks on the new album, “Ariel’s Song” and “Full Fathom Five” are from this production. Baka Beyond’s interpretations of the Baka women’s magical singing is perfect for setting the scene in this most mystic and musical of Shakespeare’s plays.

The new album is more of a “band album” than their last release “Beyond the Forest”. The interplay between Clyde’s drumming and Ayo’s percussion particularly give the album a vibrant “live”feel.

Follow the link to hear music from "After the Tempest" http://bakabeyond.bandcamp.com/album/after-the-tempest

The live band features the following artists: Martin Cradick: guitar Su Hart: vocals Kibisingo Douglas (long-time bass player with Kanda Bongo Man & Baka Beyond bassist since 2005): bass guitar Ayodele Scott: percussion Clyde Kramer: drums Ellie Jamison: vocals

The Baka Forest People also still play their part in writing some of the songs and providing vocals and traditional instruments on several tracks of the CD.

All royalties owed to the Baka musicians go to them via the registered charity, Global Music Exchange, www.1heart.org