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David MacGregor Guitar Concert "IMPROVISED JOURNEY" ......Travel the World with Sound.

Davidís highly entertaining and unique performance is a combination of all the different music he has played over the last 20 years such as Jazz, Blues, Classical, Rock, Folk, Heavy metal, World, Funk, Latin, Country and Traditional Scottish Music, as well as the sounds from different parts of the world that he has discovered while on his travels. The concert will also include his solo guitar performance for Mozart's Piano Concerto 21 with a Jazzy twist.

Enjoy his fresh and interesting performance.

8PM TICKETS £12.50

Book on-line to choose your seats. Book now

Pre concert supper available from 6pm (advance booking only). Tel.01768484538

£20 discounted joint concert tickets are available if you also book for the Ahmed Dickinson & Eduardo Martin guitar concert on Saturday 16th March (Tel.01768484538).

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