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"MY TURN" - concert with Ian Kellett

Ian is a very talented local musician who we first met through working on music productions in local schools. He has written original music for some of our puppet shows.

Ian composes and plays many instruments; he sings and uses his technical skills to produce his own work.  The concert, called “My Turn”, will allow us to hear Ian’s own compositions in concert, his “turn” to perform in his own right. Influenced by the work of Randy Newman, Aaron Copeland, James Taylor, and ...The Two Ronnies! Ian's music is inspired by his love of this area and the people who live and work here.

Musical friends and colleagues will join Ian to perform interpretations of his work. Ian has a great sense of humour and we look forward to a fun evening.

Ian is kindly donating all ticket money for the concert to the Upfront Arts Charity, to support future puppet theatre productions.

"Some write lyrics, some compose music, some play instruments, some sing and some use technical skills to refine and produce music. Ian does all of these". 

Listen to some of Ian's music click here

Bar open at 7:30

(Optional supper can be pre-booked in the gallery restaurant from 6pm).

Tickets £7.50 Click  to choose your seats and book on-line

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