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"My Friend Mole"
14/03/2015 - 14/03/2015
Birdsnest Theatre


“My Friend Mole”

A small show for big imaginations

2pm on 14th March.

My Friend Mole is the story of a very special friendship and the power of imagination. It is a show with a big heart, for little audiences.

“Mole is my best friend, he is brave and funny; someone I play with when I’m on my own. Mole goes everywhere I go. No one can see him apart from me”.

My Friend Mole is a tender story exploring the poignancy and humour of the relationship between a boy and his imaginary friend. This gentle tale is told using live music, songs, storytelling, projections and a rich visual language that will delight and surprise audiences. Children get to sit on cushions right next to the action which involves some gentle interaction

Following the success of last year’s popular show, Blown Away, London based, Birdsnest Theatre are once again touring to village venues with the county’s Rural Touring Scheme, Highlights. Imaginative theatre for young children aged 3 – 6yrs and their families.

All Tickets £8. Please tel.017684 84538 to book and pay by card.

Show begins at 2pm

We believe in young children having access to high quality creative experiences; stories and environments created especially for them. We place high value on the opportunity for a child to share, enjoy and reflect with their adults. We believe our audience is creative and intelligent and we honour that by creating a time and space for them to indulge in the possibilities of their imagination. It is essential for us that the accompanying adults are also engaged, challenged and inspired by our work.

'Birdsnest Theatre are an exciting young company, creating some of the best theatre work for Early Years.’ Stephen Midlane Executive Director, Polka Theatre
Easter Puppet Season
09/03/2015 - 31/03/2015
See future productions for Easter puppet shows.
"Puss in Boots"
12/12/2014 - 04/01/2015
New production for Christmas.

All tickets £8.00

Shows at 1pm and 3:30 Dec. 20, 21,22, 23,24,29,30th

shows at 2pm on Dec.14, 31st & Jan.2, 3 & 4th.

The show is based on a faithful re-telling of the original French fairy tale and will be staged with special effects, a new musical score and a whole new cast of marionette and rod puppets. The first of three sons is left a mill the second a donkey and the third a cat. No ordinary cat, this cat can speak and soon is helping his master to become the Marquis of Carabis. The cat persuades the local ogre to become a mouse so that he can eat him and all ends happily with a marriage to the princess.

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