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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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In Ore
4th Jun 2019 - 21st Jul 2019

Celia painting the Axe Factory on Pike of Stickle
Langdale Axe Factory
Derwentwater from Brundholm Mine area
Greenside Mining Area from Sheffield Pike
Old Mining Area at Gate Gill, Blencathra
Path to Force Crag Mine, Newlands
In the BBC 1 studio with Nick Knowles
Ein plein air
Chinese Quadruple
16th Apr 2019 - 2nd Jun 2019
"Chinese Quadruple" is an exhibition of Chinese art with a difference.

John Keith has sourced and curated the exhibition which shows a new perspective on China and includes four themes - Chinese Peasant Farmers; The paintings of "Milly" (Mrs Shang Chaofang); Historic original Shanghai Posters from the 20's and 30's and a selection of original powerful propaganda posters used by Mao to build and maintain his power in the 60's. All work is for sale.

The first peasant painting group started in Xian County in the 1940's and the paintings in the exhibition are from this group of artists. Peasant art has ancient origins but as a genre of painting it has emerged within the last 50 years with the help of trained artists. The work is strong, sincere, bold, vivid in colour and follows a surrealistic and naive style.

The paintings by "Milly" who is a grandmother and artist working in the Xian Art Quarter, show specifically "Chinese women with attitude" painted in a Modigliani style. She is delighted to be showing her work in the U.K.

The posters bring a historical dimension to the exhibition. They are a sample of rare originals which John Keith has diligently searched for through Chinese dealer stocks. They are all for sale.

The selling prices of the work reflect the economical framing which has been done to simply get the work on the walls, to share with everyone. Some work is also available unframed.

Apologies for the print quality of our photographs below they were taken after the work arrived which was already framed or covered for display.

Entrance Foyer Display
Milly 's Painting £110
Milly's Painting £110
Milly's Painting £110
Propaganda Poster £75
Propaganda Poster £75
Mao Poster £75
Wood Neuk Furniture
26th Mar 2019 - 23rd Jun 2019
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