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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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"Moving On"
3rd Mar 2009 - 5th Apr 2009
E Squared are returning to Upfront for their fourth exhibiton.
Over the years the 10 exhibiting members of E Squared have developed in different directions which has enabled them to create exhibitions that are always varied and intersting. 
"Upfront Cumbrian Artists Open"
20th Jan 2009 - 1st Mar 2009
This will be the 8th Upfront Open Exhibiton.  It is a selected exhibition of 2D work by Cumbrian artists.  The work is selected by an independent panel of judges.  Interested Cumbrian artists please email or call at the Gallery for information and an entry form.
The Upfront "Open" has become a very popular and successful exhibiton. The standard of entries is always high & the show is selected anonymously so there is a good mix of work, by both professional and non-professional artists.  The final exhibiton is usually selected down to about 150 pieces of work.  There are prizes awarded in various categories as well as 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes.  Visitors to the Gallery are also asked to vote for their "favourite" and a prize is given to the artist whose painting receives the most votes.
ist Prize
Best Contemporary.
Best Submission of 3.
Best 3D
3rd Prize
2nd Prize
"Ivver Sen"
2nd Sep 2008 - 31st Oct 2008
"Ivver Sen" is Cumbrian dialect for "ever since". This is an exhibition of over fifty original pastels which are all in the new book "Ivver Sen" that is to be launched at Upfront Gallery.
The book "Ivver Sen" is written by Keith Richardson with pictures by Keith Bowen.  It is the culmination of five years work in and amongst the rural and farming folk of Cumbria.  The exhibition and book promises to be one of the highlights of the Cumbrian cultural calendar.
Keith Bowen's stunning exhibiton, "Among the Amish" opened Upfront Gallery eleven years ago.  Since then he has been  a regular exhibitor at the gallery.  This will be his second exhibition about Cumbria and it includes over fifty portrait and landscape pastels.
Glenn Tubman
Joss Naylor
Tommy Graves
Jean and Derick Wilson
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