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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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"From Life: Scottish Contemporary Painting"
20th May 2009 - 21st Jun 2009
Contemporary art does not need to be Conceptual to be intelligent or relevant to our everyday life.  This latest generation of "Glasgow Boys" and Girls are painters of vivid imagination, subtle emotions, compelled to scrutinise every element of contemporary life.

All of these artists are critically and commercially successful, recognised with international awards, and their work resides in private and public collections across Scotland, the UK and the world, from South Africa to the USA.  Unlike many of their generation, oil painting remains the way in which they relate to contemporary life, and this show demonstrates the continued vibrancy of that medium.

Upfront is grateful to The Collins Gallery, Glasgow and to their Curator, Laura Hamilton, for making it possible to show this exhibition in Cumbria.

"Impressions of Nepal"
22nd Apr 2009 - 20th May 2009
The artists spent 3 weeks in Nepal, spending time in the cultural ancient city of Bhaktapur and the surrounding villages and temples (Hindu & Buddhist) where they painted & collected information for their work.
The group travelled out to Pokhara to start their trek in the Himalayas.  They followed a section of the Annapurna Circuit, staying in tea houses along the way.  The mountain scenery was fantastic and inspirational.  
Since their visit the artists have been busy working towards this exhibition which promises to be a fascinating culmination of their three weeks experiences in Nepal.
"Moving On"
3rd Mar 2009 - 5th Apr 2009
E Squared are returning to Upfront for their fourth exhibiton.
Over the years the 10 exhibiting members of E Squared have developed in different directions which has enabled them to create exhibitions that are always varied and intersting. 
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