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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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"Framing the View"
17th Nov 2009 - 31st Dec 2009
Heather Blanchard is a regular exhibitor at Upfront.  She has a solo show every two years and the Gallery usually has examples of her work in their permanent exhibition area.
"Framing the View" is an exhibition of Heather's new body of work.  The majority of the paintings are in oils, although she has also been experimenting with limited edition screen prints.
Godfrey Tonks: An Alternative View
28th Jul 2009 - 6th Sep 2009
Latest collection of landscape paintings.  Godfrey is well known for his bold use of colour which is refreshing and up-lifting.  He has been a professional artist for many years and is constantly inspired by the changing views of the landscapes of Cumbria, Italy and Spain.
"Land and Sky:Paintings from the Hudson River Valley and Cumbria
23rd Jun 2009 - 26th Jul 2009
Rebecca Allan has a studio in New York City.  She has spent the last few years making paintings based on the watershed and coastal landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and the Atlantic Northeast. She is deeply concerned about the preservation of the environment.  Her process of painting begins in and with nature - "it is a combination of many visual, physical and emotional experiences that occur while I am working on site, and later working in the studio".
As well has having a long standing interest in landscape, Rebecca is also an accomplished botanical illustrator.  She is currently the Director of Public Programmes at The Bard Graduate Centre for Studies in Decorative Art, Design and Culture in New York.
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