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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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imPress Printmakers
1st Oct 2013 - 10th Nov 2013
A group of 12 print makers from the South Lakes. The work of the imPress printmakers is the culmination of a creative process which merges drawing, painting and printmaking to form dynamic and exciting works of art. The exhibition will show a rich diversity in subject matter and innovative approaches to the materials and processes involved in printmaking. The range of processes available to printmakers gives opportunity to be experimental and to find new ways of expression. However for the impress group, experimentation is always directed towards deepening the effect and meaning of the work.
Egrets Over the Knoll by Angie Mitchell
Eskdale Exchange by Jamie Barnes
Horse Chestnut by Laura Sowerby
Gauge and Pins by Marion Kuit
Moon in the Garden by Theresa Taylor
Sunshine, Showers, Dittisham by Barbra Cropper
Glimmering Girl by Sue David
Peter's Garden by Deborah Windsor
""Summer Collection of Work by Frances Winder"
20th Aug 2013 - 29th Sep 2013
Light, colour and the atmoshere of the place are important to me. Either paintings, drawings or prints, my work is mostly landscape based. The paintings may reflect one aspect, a close view, a colour dynamic, or a mood created by our changing weather, but each of them carries an echo of something I have known or seen. My work is most often Acrylic on Canvas or Gouache and Oil Pastel mixed media work, I am also interested in Printmaking , Embroidery and Ceramics, these will be shown in other exhibitions later this year.
Bay Variations 1
Crooklands Canal
Wild Trees
Impending Storm
July 20th
Sea Colours
"Scene Through Different Eyes - Water"
9th Jul 2013 - 18th Aug 2013
A collaborative exhibition by landscape artist Julie Dumbarton and fine art photographer Phil McMenemy.
Julie Dumbarton
Phil McMenemy
Julie Dumbarton
Phil McMenemy
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