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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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"New Century Paintings"
8th Sep 2015 - 8th Nov 2015
A large-scale solo exhibition of nearly fifty paintings.

Stephen has shown 2 or 3 paintings every year in our "Artists Open Exhibition" since it first began. He has become known for his light-filled landscapes and poignant paintings of the final years of steam railways (he is a fully-elected member of the Guild of Railway Artists). There is, however, very much more to Stephen's work which he hopes will be evident in this exhibition. As well as my practical skills, I have an Honours Degree in the Theory and History of Art and this has informed a lot of what I think about paintings and their underlying cultural direction. Personally, I think the Art Establishment’s continued obsession with Minimalism and Conceptual Art has done a great disservice to the public at large – who tend to find such works of little interest- and I believe they deserve better. My style, as well as realism, is much more influenced by ‘traditional’ modern art – Surrealism, Expressionism and Pop Art and has proved very popular at exhibitions- I like to think it is ‘Accessible Modern Art’. Apart from direct commissions, none of my paintings has been produced with any commercial consideration in mind, they are all ‘Art for Art’s Sake’.
Stephen had his last large scale solo exhibition at Upfront in 1999. This new show features a wide cross section of the work he has produced since then. His ‘Unique selling Point’ that no two pictures of his are alike, is very much in evidence here with broad themes ranging from light-filled landscapes to vividly-recreated railway pictures from the golden age of steam to some of the most original imaginative artworks.
Spirit Journey
The Sage
Cardunneth Pike Sunset
Thames Clyde Citadel
Fellside Summer
Trevithick 200
Saturday Afternoon Keswick Train
The Wool Clip presents: Vernacular, Spectacular
7th Jul 2015 - 6th Sep 2015
A textile tale of sheep, wool work and the landscape - from everyday to heirloom. All 15 members of the Wool Clip will be represented in the exhibition in the new Upstairs @ Upfront Gallery
Ebb and Flow by Gill Curwen
Landscape Defined by Jan Beadle
Fellside Flora by Ruth Strong
Harold by Debbie Lucas
Gilded Coat by Julia Neubauer
Look to the Fells by Marion Woolcott
Heather Joy by Pam Hall
Cobble Coat by Linda Chapman
Animal Magic
7th Jul 2015 - 6th Sep 2015
A themed exhibition including watercolour & oil paintings, drawing, printmaking & sculpture.
Elizabeth Waugh - Speedy Hare
Fidelma Massey - The Crowing Hen - Bronze
Pam Pickering - Carnival Cat
John Pickering
David Cemmick - Little Owl
Victoria Irving
Katie Edwards - Joy
Sarah Cemmick - Magical Harebells
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