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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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Time and Tide
19th Mar 2016 - 8th May 2016
Recent work by Alison Critchlow and Rowena Beaty.

This exhibition brings together Alison's vibrant and energetic paintings of sea and ice with the stillness and serenity of Rowena's sculptural forms.

The common ideas and themes shared by the artists have generated a creative exchange culminating in this exhibition, which considers the significance of time and the rhythms and flow of the tide.

Tidal Variances - Alison Critchlow
Closing In - Alison Critchlow
Port Ceann na Creige
Outer - Alison Critchlow
Selene - Rowena Beaty
Rowena Beaty
Rowena Beaty
Rowena Beaty
A Sense of Place
15th Mar 2016 - 24th Apr 2016
Preston Threads are a thriving, contemporary textile group who share a common passion for textile art.

Their exhibition, ‘A Sense of Place’ is the result of a group challenge to create a piece of work to fit a specified sized frame.

The result is a collection of interesting pieces in which each member has explored their own interpretation of the theme. The pieces are worked in a variety of techniques and displayed in simple frames.

Alongside this members are exhibiting their own personal work which is very varied and includes knitting, collage, construction and simple stitch. Group Members:

Margaret Abraham, Norma Balaam, Chris Cannon, PamEccles, Seonaid Elliott, Pat Fisher, Mary Fisher, Sandra Kedzlie, Joyce Preston and Sue Reeve.

Upfront 2016 Open Exhibition
19th Jan 2016 - 13th Mar 2016
1st Prize £1,000.

Prize also to be awarded to the artist whose work receives the most votes from visitors to the exhibition.

An "Open" exhibition of 2D and 3D work by artists from Cumbria and beyond, selected by a panel of judges.

The exhibition includes 147 works by 70 different artists.

The majority of the artists live in Cumbria, but we are delighted to have had work selected by artists from Northumbria, Dumfries & Galloway, Tyneside, Surrey, North Yokrshire, Cheshire and London.

FIRST PRIZE is awarded to MARK GIBBS for his three mixed media sculptures. Mark combines found objects in assemblages with sculpted pieces to create work which embodies a poetic commentary on our world.

Other prize winners are:

RAYMOND HIGGS for his three reduction wood engravings.

BILL TAYLOR for his three acrylic paintings.

CATHERINE MACDIARMID for her oil painting "Limbo".

HEATHER BLANCHARD for her oil paintings "Terns" & "Winter Gates".

Mark Gibbs. Dresden at Cumberland Bay 1915. £1,300
Mark Gibbs. The Way of Empires - Konigsberg. £2,300
Mark Gibbs. Oryx Gazella Metalli. £1,200
Raymond Higgs. Corners. £160
Bill Taylor. Abbey. £2,000
Heather Blanchard. Terns. £950
Catherine MacDiarmid. Limbo. £1,450
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