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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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Upfront 2016 Open Exhibition
19th Jan 2016 - 13th Mar 2016
1st Prize £1,000.

Prize also to be awarded to the artist whose work receives the most votes from visitors to the exhibition.

An "Open" exhibition of 2D and 3D work by artists from Cumbria and beyond, selected by a panel of judges.

The exhibition includes 147 works by 70 different artists.

The majority of the artists live in Cumbria, but we are delighted to have had work selected by artists from Northumbria, Dumfries & Galloway, Tyneside, Surrey, North Yokrshire, Cheshire and London.

FIRST PRIZE is awarded to MARK GIBBS for his three mixed media sculptures. Mark combines found objects in assemblages with sculpted pieces to create work which embodies a poetic commentary on our world.

Other prize winners are:

RAYMOND HIGGS for his three reduction wood engravings.

BILL TAYLOR for his three acrylic paintings.

CATHERINE MACDIARMID for her oil painting "Limbo".

HEATHER BLANCHARD for her oil paintings "Terns" & "Winter Gates".

Mark Gibbs. Dresden at Cumberland Bay 1915. £1,300
Mark Gibbs. The Way of Empires - Konigsberg. £2,300
Mark Gibbs. Oryx Gazella Metalli. £1,200
Raymond Higgs. Corners. £160
Bill Taylor. Abbey. £2,000
Heather Blanchard. Terns. £950
Catherine MacDiarmid. Limbo. £1,450
10th Nov 2015 - 10th Jan 2016
Artists exhibiting in the winter exhibition are Gwen Adair, Pam Pickering, Ann Haslam, John Pickering, Kate Durdy, Susan Lincoln, Sarah Cemmick, David Cemmick and Ed Org

The theme of the exhibition is inspired by the Upfront Puppet Theatre Christmas production of Alice in Wonderland - a magical and enchanting story that was written 150 years ago.

Kate Durdy.
Susan Lincol. "Alice and the duchess". £250
David Cemmick. "Mermaid" Bronze. £1,500
Ann C. Haslam. "Blue Focus". Assorted Fibres & Silks. £650.
Ed Org. "Neptune's Fair Daughter". Watercolour. £875
Gwen Adair. "Roll Up!!. Oil. £600
Sarah Cemmick. "On Moonlight Bay". Lino Cut. £295
Pam Pickering. "The Carnival Cat". Mixed Media Soft Sculpture. £250
"Cox 3"
12th Sep 2015 - 8th Nov 2015
An exhibition of sculpture, ceramics and paintings in the new "Upstairs @ Upfront" gallery space. A very special exhibition for us as we were opening Upfront Gallery at the same time as Geoff and Chris Cox were beginning "Potfest". Mutual creative support has gone on over the years and we are delighted that Chris and Geoff will be giving everyone the opportunity to see a retrospective of their work. Paintings by Geoff's brother, Graham, make the exhibition a unique "Cox Experience".
Geoff and Christine Cox the organisers of the Penrith Potfests are joined by Geoff’s brother, a painter based in North Wales.

This year will be Chris and Geoff’s 30th year as full time ceramic artists and they wanted to mark it with an exhibition of the work they’ve been developing over the last three decades.

Graham Cox gave up a career as an art college lecturer 10 years ago to become a full time painter.

This exhibition will be the first time that the Cox family have had the opportunity to do something together - a significant occasion and celebration.
Graham Cox
Geoff Cox
Chris Cox
Chris Cox
Geoff Cox
Graham Cox
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