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Light in the Landscape
16th Aug 2016 - 2nd Oct 2016
Mark is a Printmaker and Contemporary Landscape Painter. It is the effect of light and colour within the landscape that fascinates Mark. He is continually experimenting within, and between, media and disciplines in order to share what is so compelling to him. It is the tone, colour and contrast created by shadow and light in the landscape that he strives to convey in his vibrant images. Marks' insight comes by looking at this very special part of the world, where the mountains meet the sea, through a graphic designer’s eye.
Late on the Wing.  Reduction Linocut.  £525
From Birker Fell to Sca Fell. Reduction Linocut £525
Boats at Low Tide, Ravenglass.  Mixed Media £495
Estuary Puddles. Oil. £950
Upper Esk in Spate.  Limited Edition Giclee. £395
Lingcove Bridge. Reduction Linocut. £575
Bow Fell. Limited Edition Giclee. £190
Slip Way, Late Sun.  Pastel. £425
Summer Exhibition
28th Jun 2016 - 2nd Oct 2016
Summer Exhibition of Invited Artists. Including watercolours, oils, mixed media, pastels, lithographs and sculpture.
Alan Stones
Christina Mingard
Julie Dumbarton
Marion Bradley
Rebecca Payn
15th May 2016 - 26th Jun 2016
An exhibition of paintings by Welsh artist, Raye M Bower.

Raye's work takes her all over the world. She lived in Cumbria for many years, before returning to her native roots in Wales.

This collection of work is part of an artistic journey that Raye is currently undertaking, in which she is looking to explore a range of imagery and media.

“The work grows organically from my original inspiration of nature and my sense of connection to the source of its energy".

Exhibition preview, Saturday 14th May 7pm-9pm

Supper/tea can be booked in the Coffee Shop from 5pm

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