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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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"9th Upfront Cumbrian Artists Open Exhibition"
19th Jan 2010 - 28th Feb 2010
­2­D Work by Cumbrian artists, selected by an independent panel of judges.  This annual prestigious exhibition is now in it's 9th year and showcases the wealth of artistic talent within the county.

­Please will artists interested in entering the exhibition email for details and an application form.  Alternatively  you can download our application form
A selected exhibition of 2D and 3D works by Cumbrian artists.  This is the 13th year of the exhibition, established by Upfront, to promote the talent of artists living in Cumbria.  The provisional selection of work is made from photographic submissions which enables a wide selection of entries from across the geographical area of Cumbria. Images below are of the prize winning finalists and the general exhibition.
ist Prize
Best Contemporary.
Best Submission of 3.
Best 3D
3rd Prize
2nd Prize
"Framing the View"
17th Nov 2009 - 31st Dec 2009
Heather Blanchard is a regular exhibitor at Upfront.  She has a solo show every two years and the Gallery usually has examples of her work in their permanent exhibition area.
"Framing the View" is an exhibition of Heather's new body of work.  The majority of the paintings are in oils, although she has also been experimenting with limited edition screen prints.
Godfrey Tonks: An Alternative View
28th Jul 2009 - 6th Sep 2009
Latest collection of landscape paintings.  Godfrey is well known for his bold use of colour which is refreshing and up-lifting.  He has been a professional artist for many years and is constantly inspired by the changing views of the landscapes of Cumbria, Italy and Spain.
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