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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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"Outside In"
16th Apr 2013 - 19th May 2013
Exhibition of Paintings and Limited Edition Prints
An exhibition of my paintings and archival giclee prints, focussing on the area of Northumberland that surrounds me when I am painting, from my home in the Tyne Valley.
Streaming with Light
An Indian Summer
August Rudbeckia
A Late Summer Afternoon
5th Mar 2013 - 14th Apr 2013
A Mixed exhibition of photography, paintings and original lithographs. Photography by Tommy Martin, Mike Shepherd and Damian Reid. Ink and watercolour paintings by Irene Sanderson. Original lithographs by Alan Stones. Pastels and prints by Edward Tibbs.
12th Upfront Cumbrian Artists Open Exibtion
18th Jan 2013 - 3rd Mar 2013

The annual Upfront Cumbrian Artists Open Exhibition is now in its 12th year. For the first time the exhibition includes work by 3D artists as well 2D artists. The initial selection is made from photographic submissions and this continues to work well because of the large geographical area of Cumbria. This year 180 pieces of work have been selected and the images are a selection of some of the prize winning entries.

A selected exhibition of 2D and 3D works by Cumbrian artists.  This is the 13th year of the exhibition, established by Upfront, to promote the talent of artists living in Cumbria.  The provisional selection of work is made from photographic submissions which enables a wide selection of entries from across the geographical area of Cumbria. Images below are of the prize winning finalists and the general exhibition.
ist Prize
Best Contemporary.
Best Submission of 3.
Best 3D
3rd Prize
2nd Prize
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