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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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Edwin Straker Retrospective
23rd Mar 2014 - 4th May 2014
A retrospective exhibition about the life and work of artist, Edwin Straker. This exhibition is in support of Hospice at Home, Carlisle and North Lakeland. A special opening will take place on 23rd March 2pm - 4pm.
1921 - 2011 Among Edwin Straker's commissions was one to paint Lord Mountbattenís famous warship HMS Kelly and the limited edition print was signed by all the surviving members of the crew. Many corporate and private collections hold his work, Rolls Royce, the National Westminster Bank, Blenheim Palace and Prince Philip among them. When asked if he was happy he replied ĎA very happy man, yes. Because I do what I like doing, very few can do thatí But added, ĎItís an irritation and a worry in some ways. Because you never achieve what youíd like to achieve. Itís always disappointing. When I finish a painting I wish I could start again. It is never perfect. So a mixed happiness, but I want no otherí. He died in November 2011 with his final painting of a stream unfinished.
"13th Upfront Cumbrian Artists Open Exhibition"
24th Jan 2014 - 16th Mar 2014
A selected exhibition of 2D and 3D works by Cumbrian artists.  This is the 13th year of the exhibition, established by Upfront, to promote the talent of artists living in Cumbria.  The provisional selection of work is made from photographic submissions which enables a wide selection of entries from across the geographical area of Cumbria. Images below are of the prize winning finalists and the general exhibition.
ist Prize
Best Contemporary.
Best Submission of 3.
Best 3D
3rd Prize
2nd Prize
"Four Seasons"
12th Nov 2013 - 5th Jan 2014
Heather Blanchard has a regular solo exhibition at Upfront every two years. This years exhibition is inspired by the changing seasons of the year.. Spring blends into summer, summer into autumn, autumn into winter, each with its own beauty and then the enchantment starts all over again. My new collection of paintings is a journey through the seasons, from bright summer seascapes to crisp winter landscapes. Changing light is endlessly exciting it gives every season its own magic. Simple gates or trees one passes every day, things hardly noticed at times can be completely transformed from one season to another and inspire me to paint.
Big Wave, West Coast
Departing Swallows
Winter Light
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