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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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Animal Magic
7th Jul 2015 - 6th Sep 2015
A themed exhibition including watercolour & oil paintings, drawing, printmaking & sculpture.
Elizabeth Waugh - Speedy Hare
Fidelma Massey - The Crowing Hen - Bronze
Pam Pickering - Carnival Cat
John Pickering
David Cemmick - Little Owl
Victoria Irving
Katie Edwards - Joy
Sarah Cemmick - Magical Harebells
The Wood Neuk
30th Jun 2015 - 27th Sep 2015
David Lightly and Ross Purves worked with the late sculptor and artist, Tim Stead, whose retrospective exhibition was shown at Upfront earlier in the year. "The Wood Neuk" is run by David and Ross and is fully licensed to continue Stead's classic designs alongside many exciting new designs of their own. "The Wood Neuk" grew out of "Tim Stead Furniture" and latterly "The Workshop of Tim Stead", in the heart of the Scottish Borders.
Oak Armchair
David and Ross
Elm Sideboard
"A Taste of Potfest"
16th May 2015 - 5th Jul 2015
Introducing 16 top quality ceramic artists from our neighbouring counties - Lancashire, Northumbria, Co Durham, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders. All are well established, well respected in the ceramics world with very distinctive individual styles. More than 200 potters from all over the UK, mainland Europe and beyond will be showing their work over the two weekends of Potfest this summer. A taste of Potfest shows the work of some of our nearest neighbours who will be taking part in that festival.

Working with Geoff and Christine Cox, the organisers of Potfest, we all think that this exhibition will add a new dimension to ceramics and ceramic artists in the north west.

A taste of Potfest will be the first ceramics exhibition in our new "Upstairs at Upfront" gallery space.

Hannah McAndrew
Peter Wareing
John Calver
Eddie Curtis
Geoff Cox
Chris Cox
Rob Sutherland
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