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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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26th Sep 2017 - 12th Nov 2017
Since the day I graduated (in Fine Art) from St Martin’s School of Art in 1971 I have worked full-time as an artist. Over that time I have made work in a variety of mediums (paintings, drawings, constructions, original prints).

My paintings and drawings are generally ‘to do’ with people - often where people are dealing with situations they find themselves in. I do depict subjects other than people and these are likely to be aspects of nature – as metaphors for human activities (my lithographs), or else nature profoundly affected by man (‘Clearing’).

I like the suggestion of a narrative in a painting . . . but I also like ambiguity. I wouldn’t want a definitive interpretation. I want the imagination to be fired. The word ‘clearing’ could refer to an open space within a forest, or to the physical act of clearing away, but also to the possibility of perceiving things more clearly – seeing things anew through changes in . . understanding, or memory, or just the weather.

Clearing (ii)
Sidings Study (ii)
Father and Son
At Low Tide
Marginal Land
A Search for the Man in the Street
Clearing (ii) Study (iv)
Twenty Years On
22nd Aug 2017 - 12th Nov 2017
Celebrating our 20th year we have a changing exhibition of artists who have shown work regularly at Upfront.

The current artists are Ceri Allen, Kate Durdy, Mary Ann Rogers, Geoffrey Smith, Eddie Potts, Keith Bowen & Christina Mingard.

Eddie Potts - Stilson & Bobbins, Oil, £375
Christina Mingard - Tomorrows Promise, Acrylic, £1,500
Ceri Allen - Pinocchio I, Acrylic, £580
Kate Durdy - Waiting, Mixed Media, £185
Keith Bowen - Shepherd III, Oil, £1,250
Geoffrey Smith -The Old Herdwick near Hawkshead, Acrylic, £375
9th Aug 2017 - 24th Sep 2017
To celebrate our 20th year we have an exhibition curated by Philip O'Reilly who was the first artist to have an exhibition at Upfront.

Philip and his eight fellow artists have affiliations with the Colour Group - Great Britain, through the Colour in Art Day, International Colour Day, or being members. The exhibition consists of work in Constructed Textiles, Printed Textiles, Painting, Drawing, Etching, Giclée printing and full colour 3-D Printing, Installation, and some things in-between!

The artists are: Philip O'Reilly, Garth Lewis, Matthew Harris, Roger Woodiwiss, Chris Gough, Martin Ward, Robin Hazlewood & Tom Lomax.

Tom Lomax
Garth Lewis
Philip O'Reilly
Martin Ward
Robin Hazlewood
Matthew Harris
Roger Woodiwiss
 Chris Gough
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