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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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9th Aug 2017 - 24th Sep 2017
To celebrate our 20th year we have an exhibition curated by Philip O'Reilly who was the first artist to have an exhibition at Upfront.

Philip and his eight fellow artists have affiliations with the Colour Group - Great Britain, through the Colour in Art Day, International Colour Day, or being members. The exhibition consists of work in Constructed Textiles, Printed Textiles, Painting, Drawing, Etching, Giclée printing and full colour 3-D Printing, Installation, and some things in-between!

The artists are: Philip O'Reilly, Garth Lewis, Matthew Harris, Roger Woodiwiss, Chris Gough, Martin Ward, Robin Hazlewood & Tom Lomax.

Tom Lomax
Garth Lewis
Philip O'Reilly
Martin Ward
Robin Hazlewood
Matthew Harris
Roger Woodiwiss
 Chris Gough
20th Jun 2017 - 6th Aug 2017
New work by one of our first artists, to celebrate the Gallery's 20th year.

Bob Armstrong, now living in Lincolnshire, spent many years living in the North Pennines. He is a landscape artist who enjoys painting the wilder parts of Britain, using mixed media, watercolour and pastel. He walks on the moors, mountains and coast, always carrying a sketchbook and some pencils. The sketches have become a visual diary and a starting point for his paintings.

The exhibition will show Bob's sketches and inspiration alongside his paintings - "Beginnings and Endings".

25th Apr 2017 - 18th Jun 2017
Three artists who use cutting techniques to produce their work.

Emma Boyes is a paper cut artist who has exhibited throughout the U.K. She is a member of the Paper Artist Collective, which is an invite only collection of some of the world's best paper artists.

Angie Mitchell is a lino cut artist whose work is inspired by the drama and colour of the Lakeland Hills and Morecambe Bay Estuary.

Daniel Ibbotson's work is inspired by texture, grain and manipulated paint surfaces which he slices, cuts and re-assembles to produce works which are gridded and rationalised into formal pictures/images which intrigue the onlooker.

Phil Morsman creates bright coloured abstract work by cutting, dying, painting and tearing paper; assembling the pieces to create his highly personal response to landscape and the natural world.

WORKSHOP: Saturday 20th May or Sunday 11th June. 11am - 4pm. Cost £60.


Join Paper Artist Emma Boyes for a relaxed workshop at Upfront gallery. You will be introduced to the tools and methods used to create papercut art and learn the fundamental techniques for creating your very own piece of papercut art under Emma's expert guidance. Templates are provided or you can create your own design. If you would like to create your own design then please bring along idea's or images for inspiration.

All tools and materials are provided. Suitable for beginners or those wanting to improve their technique.

A light vegetarian lunch of quiche and salad or soup and a sandwich will be included, plus plenty of tea, coffee & biscuits.

(Please note that the workshop can only take place with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 people).

Telephone 017684 84538 to book and pay by card or come to the Gallery and pay in person.

Phil Morsman
Daniel Ibbotson
Daniel Ibbotson
Emma Boyes
Emma Boyes
Emma Boyes
Angie Mitchell
Angie Mitchell
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