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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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"Sacred Wilderness"
29th May 2012 - 8th Jul 2012
Exhibition of work by Liverpool artist, Lynda Roberts. Upfront hold a solo exhibition every two years. Her work is in high demand and the exhibition is always extremely popular.
Mayanmar, Yangon IV
Mayanmar, Bagan XVIII
Laos III
Laos I
Mayanmar, Bagan XVI
Mayanmar, Yangon XV
Uzbekistan XI
Uzbekistan XII
"Fells and Lakes"
17th Apr 2012 - 27th May 2012
Recent oils and pastels by Godfrey Tonks. A regular exhibitor at Upfront who has a solo show every two years. Godfrey is a colourist who works in both pastel and oil. He uses colour to create a picture that demands attention. His work is characterised by richness of surface, whether pastel or oil, using a brush or a painting knife. His work is in a constant state of flux and change as he pursues his individual vision. A constant theme is light, colour and strong composition in an attempt to capture the essence of the challenging Lakes landscape, which he portrays in an emotional yet unsentimental manner, always seeking to avoid the trite and the hackneyed in an iconic landscape that has inspired poets and artists for the last 200 years.
11th Cumbrian Artists Open Exhibition
19th Jan 2012 - 4th Mar 2012

Selected 2­D Work by Cumbrian artists This annual prestigious exhibition is now in it's 11th year and showcases the wealth of artistic talent within the county.

Please will artists interested in entering the exhibition email for details and an application form.  Alternatively  you can ­­download our application form.

A selected exhibition of 2D and 3D works by Cumbrian artists.  This is the 13th year of the exhibition, established by Upfront, to promote the talent of artists living in Cumbria.  The provisional selection of work is made from photographic submissions which enables a wide selection of entries from across the geographical area of Cumbria. Images below are of the prize winning finalists and the general exhibition.
ist Prize
Best Contemporary.
Best Submission of 3.
Best 3D
3rd Prize
2nd Prize
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