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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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Spring and Early Summer Artist Collection
3rd Apr 2018 - 1st Jul 2018
The invited artists for the Spring and early summer exhibition in The Barn Gallery include a collection of paintings by David William Morris; horse paintings by Eddie Tibbs; oil paintings of hares and sheep by Geoffrey Smit, and landscapes by Frances Winder and Christina Mingard.
Geoffrey Smith
Frances Winder
Edward Tibbs
Christina Mingard
David William Morris
From Fell To Fabulous
30th Mar 2018 - 13th May 2018
A journey with wool as the common thread: from humble origins on the fells, incorporating skill, innovation and flair, all the way to the fabulous.

The Wool Clip is an award-winning co-operative made up of local wool workers who formed The Wool Clip in 2001. There are 15 members.

"Here at The Wool Clip, we all have a thing about wool. Between us, we grow it, sew it, spin, weave and dye it, knit, crochet and felt it, hook with it, tuft with it and stuff with it. Our work focuses on colour and creativity, our aim is to share our enthusiasm for all things wool".

Sue Reed
Debbie Lucas
The Upfront 2018 Open Exhibition
30th Jan 2018 - 25th Mar 2018
An exhibition of 2D and 3D work selected by a panel of judges. There will be an eclectic mix of work in various media and styles to show a wide cross section of artistic talent. Entry fees to the exhibition create a First Prize of £1,000.

First Prize - "Palazzo di Mao" by Carlisle artist Daniel Ibbotson

Joint 2nd Prize - 3D work "England After the Rain" by Phil Dutton and "Domestic (Fissure)" 3D work by Brian Shields. Both from Armathwaite.

3rd Prize - Oil painting "Personal Space - Belle" by Catherine MacDiarmid from Kendal. A vote was also taken by guests at the Preview for their favourite piece of work. The prize was given to Kate Bentley for her oil painting "Scar".

FIRST PRIZE "Palazzo di Mao" by Daniel Ibbotson
JOINT 2ND PRIZE "England After the Rain" by Phil Dutton £6,000
JOINT 2ND PRIZE "Domestic (Fissure)" by Brian Shields £2,500
3RD PRIZE "Personal Space - Belle" by Catherine MacDiarmid £795
THE PREVIEW VOTE "Scar" by Kate Bentley
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