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Previous Exhibitions at Upfront Gallery

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MASKIT - Mask Exhibition
15th May 2018 - 24th Jun 2018
A unique exhibition of hand crafted, original performance masks of the stock characters of The Italian Commedia (Commedia dell' Arte).

Their creator, David Griffiths has been making, writing and directing masked theatre for over 40 years. David is "artist in residence" at the gallery until 17th June. He can be seen making masks in leather and other materials, using historically traditional techniques - a rare opportunity to observe these skills in Britain.

David will be leading sessions in mask-making where students will learn basic techniques in creating masks for performance. He will also be taking workshops in mask in performance - how to animate the character of the mask.

If you would be interested in either or both of these workshops, please contact us. The workshops are for adults and young people over the age of 11.

3rd Apr 2018 - 1st Jul 2018
Oil Paintings by Rebecca Payn in the Upstairs Barn Gallery

Rebecca lives in the Eden Valley and this collection is part of an on-going series of paintings in response to local events - a Marmalade Festival, a trip to the seaside, a memorable event, "A Great Day Out".

Spring and Early Summer Artist Collection
3rd Apr 2018 - 1st Jul 2018
The invited artists for the Spring and early summer exhibition in The Barn Gallery include a collection of paintings by David William Morris; horse paintings by Eddie Tibbs; oil paintings of hares and sheep by Geoffrey Smit, and landscapes by Frances Winder and Christina Mingard.
Geoffrey Smith
Frances Winder
Edward Tibbs
Christina Mingard
David William Morris
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