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Twenty Years On
22nd Aug 2017 - 12th Nov 2017
Celebrating our 20th year we have a changing exhibition of artists who have shown work regularly at Upfront.

The current artists are Ceri Allen, Kate Durdy, Mary Ann Rogers, Geoffrey Smith, Eddie Potts, Keith Bowen & Christina Mingard.

Eddie Potts - Stilson & Bobbins, Oil, £375
Christina Mingard - Tomorrows Promise, Acrylic, £1,500
Ceri Allen - Pinocchio I, Acrylic, £580
Kate Durdy - Waiting, Mixed Media, £185
Keith Bowen - Shepherd III, Oil, £1,250
Geoffrey Smith -The Old Herdwick near Hawkshead, Acrylic, £375
26th Sep 2017 - 12th Nov 2017
Since the day I graduated (in Fine Art) from St Martin’s School of Art in 1971 I have worked full-time as an artist. Over that time I have made work in a variety of mediums (paintings, drawings, constructions, original prints).

My paintings and drawings are generally ‘to do’ with people - often where people are dealing with situations they find themselves in. I do depict subjects other than people and these are likely to be aspects of nature – as metaphors for human activities (my lithographs), or else nature profoundly affected by man (‘Clearing’).

I like the suggestion of a narrative in a painting . . . but I also like ambiguity. I wouldn’t want a definitive interpretation. I want the imagination to be fired. The word ‘clearing’ could refer to an open space within a forest, or to the physical act of clearing away, but also to the possibility of perceiving things more clearly – seeing things anew through changes in . . understanding, or memory, or just the weather.

Clearing (ii)
Sidings Study (ii)
Father and Son
At Low Tide
Marginal Land
A Search for the Man in the Street
Clearing (ii) Study (iv)